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Savvy Data

Market Research

We partner with leading and experienced market research organisations to help you put customers at the heart of all your business decisions.

Using our partner online platform we can provide samples for online panel surveys, which will assist your brand to make better decisions to drive business, growth, influence product development and enhance your advertising and branding efforts.


Trial & Learn at each step of the product development cycle from initial stage concept and design, to packaging, price and validation.

Make Smarter Decisions

  • Pricing

  • Packaging

  • Advertising

  • Creative

  • Strategic

  • Product

  • Services

  • Concept

  • Business

Concept Testing

Know the Power and Reach of Your Brand

Package Testing

Know the Marketability of Your Offerings

Real-Time Surveys

Validate Your Ideas
with Market Data

Competitive perceptions

Know Your Positioning and Core Differentiators


Before you spend marketing budget, use real-time concept testing to understand the strengths of your branding, product, or messaging. Test concept elements and learn what resonates with your audience to ensure that you can launch confidently and cost-effectively into your market.



Before you launch your initial offering or new ones, test your product packaging concepts from design and shape to content. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your offering. Evaluate and develop only those new product and service ideas that are worth investing in.



Use real-time surveys to poll existing and prospective customers.  We provide online tools that enable you to create and launch surveys effortlessly and cost-effectively.  Using online survey communities, we can deliver the insights you need to make cognizant business decisions in real-time.


COMPETITIVE perceptions

Want to understand attitudes about your brand and offerings versus those of the competition? We can provide the insight acquisition tools to enable you to understand and evaluate attitudes and perceptions of your brand, offerings, and positioning in the marketplace.

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