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A New Year - Time to Look Back ...and Look Ahead

Happy New Year! And what a long year it was. As always, some things (like you and I, for example) just keep getting better with age. But some do not.

For example, your customer and prospect data loses value with every passing week and month, becoming increasingly outdated as people change jobs, emails, phone numbers, companies, roles, and even their names.

Maybe it’s time for a data diet! Eschew stale data junk food! Out with the useless and in with the useful should be your data motto. If you are not utilising data, is there any point in holding on to it and clogging up your CRM system? Did it help you deliver content? Was it timely and relevant and easy to access? Is it worth keeping?

Beware of stale food and stale data!

The New Year is a time of self-evaluation and reflection - to look back at what you did in 2020, what you learnt and what you could do better. Why not apply these lessons to your data implementation strategy?

Here’s a checklist for getting your marketing off to a good start in 2021

Get back in touch!

As companies felt the pinch and struggled in 2020, we have seen reduced budgets, reduced team numbers and fast changing organisation change requiring a flexible approach to getting the job done. As is usual, the first budget to be cut is typically that of marketing. But your customers and prospects still need to hear from you. And, if you don’t contact your customers, your competitors may!

Develop and use data-driven insights

How agile was your prospecting marketing in 2020? Did you analyse any results and formulate a strategy that, despite the pandemic, allowed you to deliver content to your customer and prospect audiences in a more relevant and engaging way?

  1. Did you acquire data for lead generation in 2020?

  2. Did you change your messaging, considering the pandemic? What were the outcomes?

  3. With more businesses having employees work from home, did this make a difference to your approach?

  4. Did you move from one channel to another or add channels that are new to you?

  5. What did you learn from customer touchpoints and interactions?

  6. Did you develop marketing strategy in line with product development and your offerings?

Data Optimisation & Data Strategy

It’s important to remember that data strategy is best when it’s enterprise strategy, not limited to one team. If spending for data for lead generation was put on hold in 2020, how did you utilise your limited marketing budget?

Were you able to enhance your database? Did you evaluate the data you have in-house? In doing this evaluation, were you able to identify gaps in your data pool? If you collect personal data, are your methods secure and in line with current regulatory guidance?

Did your organisation communicate, collaborate, or share data methodology across teams? Were any new data standards implemented – ensuring data is used most effectively and efficiently across the business?

It's Time to Think Outside of the Box

If budgets are limited, consider reaching out to contacts whose information you have (such as former customers) and who are familiar with your brand and offerings. Tailor a conversion approach specifically aimed at them.

It's time for you to rely on key performance indicators in your data so as to move into 2021 in good stead, with a data-fueled agile marketing strategy.

Ask your data vendors for proactive recommendations – they are the experts and may already have a solution to hand. (But be sure your data vendor is functioning as a trusted guide and not just a salesperson.) Ask your data experts: what can you to do maximise incoming leads through marketing efforts? What tactics and channels drive traffic to your websites and promote engagement?

Start by understanding the quality strengths and weaknesses of your data. If you have not already evaluated your in-house database or enriched the gaps, you could be behind the curve! Make sure your data vendor can act as your data concierge, pointing you to the best that the data industry has for you.

Your goal: Deepen your understanding of your customers and prospects.

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