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Marketing Through the Pandemic

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, the world looks much different than it did 10 months ago. In our marketing world we are facing new challenges as we consider the new normal and figure out ways to retain customers and build brand value.

The situation is likely to deteriorate before it improves, so here is our guide on how marketers can survive this pandemic by strengthening their brands and their marketing to customers.

1. Communicate & Empathize with Your Customers

  • Quite simply, acknowledge the pandemic and ensure that your customers are aware that you have empathy for the impact it may be having on their daily lives.

  • Offer solutions or actions to assist them in doing business with you and their customers

  • Communicate regularly so that you stay top-of-mind. Do not allow your competitors to take advantage of any irregular marketing schedules

  • Be sure to deliver new content to keep customers abreast of new offerings and any changes

  • Communicate with customers through their preferred method of communication

  • DO NOT ignore the pandemic and act as business per usual.

2. Re-Focus Your Marketing Efforts

  • For the office - there has been an unprecedented shift towards remote working and video communications; for the consumer – there has been an unparalleled movement towards online shopping. So rather than sit on your laurels and wait for the pandemic to pass – refocus your marketing strategy and efforts!

  • Consumers now have time to do their homework and shopping online and not impulse shopping on the high street – so utilize this opportunity to tell your story and sell your brand!

  • Are there any customer niches or prospecting areas that you can seize? If so, how do you incorporate that into your marketing strategy?

  • Look to new opportunities for € customer interaction – such as virtual events and online conversations

  • If you are in an industry which has had to shut down – focus your efforts on post Covid-19 offerings.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape, but do not let it furlough your marketing activities!

3. Provide Relevant & Timely Content

  • Double down on creation content – be it new or pandemic-related, deliver content that is relevant to your customers or prospects and ensure it is published in the most relevant place for your customers to see.

  • Be sure to address any questions or concerns your customers or prospects may have.

  • Boost your online presence – through social media marketing, blog posts and thought leadership posts

  • Select and create content which is SEO-optimized.

  • Consider marketing videos, podcasts. webinars and/or tutorials on your websites.

4. Use your time effectively

  • The pandemic may allow you to undertake some housekeeping, so be sure to review your automated marketing activities – such as email campaigns.

  • Concentrate on those areas of your marketing strategy that you do best and will yield the greatest returns

  • If you do not already have one, build a content knowledge base. –Dedicate area section of your website where customers can obtain FAQ’s, company information, processes, and policies, as well as thought leadership posts.

5. Optimize your Marketing Budget

  • During a recession or pandemic, senior management may look to decrease your marketing budgets as they regroup to save costs, so be prepared to justify marketing investments during this time.

  • Marketing and advertising agencies may offer significant discounts, so , your marketing dollar, pound or yen may stretch a little further!

  • Do not be afraid to shop around – whilst you wish to maintain the status quo with your partners, if they are not co-operating as you expect know that their competitors will be vying for your business and may offer better rates and address any shortcomings of your incumbent supplier.

  • Consider purchasing leads or sales data if you can execute a lead gen campaign effectively. It may be a good time to market to lapsed customers, as they may have an affinity for your brand from previous interactions and will be easier than cold leads to bring back to the fold. Be sure to have a story to tell to lapsed leads that differs from the one you pitch to customers.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape, but do not let it furlough your marketing activities!

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